Made in the USA, and Proud of it!

October 20 2015

At Granutec, one of the things we are most proud to stand behind is keeping it local. We’re proud to be able to say that all of our granulators and accessories are manufactured in the USA. Take a look at all of the benefits that come with making the shift towards made-in-the-USA products.

Higher Quality and Lower Maintenance

Simply said, American made products typically have a better quality than overseas manufacturers and producers. This holds true with all Granutec granulators. We opt to acquire materials and produce machinery in the USA. With many regulations and standards that American made machinery have to follow under the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission you can be guaranteed that your machines have been manufactured under exceptionally high standards. Safer materials and products give customers peace of mind that they are not exposing granulator users to unsafe products. When you rely on an overseas company to build your grinder, there is a slight chance it may not arrive as expected. When you purchase an American-made granulator from Granutec you can be assured that you have 100% quality control. Our plastic grinders also require very little maintenance to keep them running. Unlike foreign produced granulators, our American made machines are built to last with little upkeep.

Patriotism and Pride

Granutec likes to know that we are helping out the US economy by producing American made machinery.  This helps to create jobs for American workers and helps ease our mind to know that our factory workers are not subjected to unsafe conditions, low wages or other forms of exploitation that the US Department of Labor protect against.

Mass Customization

With most of our products being custom built and made to order, we are able to track and take control of the customization process. You don’t have to worry about receiving a “cookie cutter” piece of equipment from Granutec. With specific customization on every machine, we can make sure that our manufacturing efforts align with our customer’s needs.


Being located in the United States means that you will see less inventory and stock problems as well as quick turnaround times due to easier communication. With a full selection of available parts, we make it easy to get what you need in the quickest time. From quote to order to delivery, purchasing your plastic grinder domestically will allow for an easier overall process.

When you purchase a Granutec granulator, the high quality, low maintenance and overall customer satisfaction are a strong step for your business to take. It tells your customers that you are dedicated to economic prosperity and the USA as a whole.