Granulators Galore: Customizing for the Customer

October 20 2015

Customer needs and wants are top priority here at Granutec, and we will work with you to create a system custom to your needs. Granulators aren’t like mass-produced products sitting on shelves, rather, they are specifically designed for each application: from finite details to big changes, we will find and customize the very best machine for you.

Finding the Right Machine

One such customer that required one of our customized systems was a company from Alaska. This company had cardboard waste they wished to process, and normally, we would recommend a simple shredding system for material like cardboard, but the company specifically wanted conformed particles, which is impossible to achieve with shredders alone. So instead, we worked with them to design a plastic grinder strong enough to create the output they needed. This is just one of hundreds of possible applications we encounter each year. The processed material can then be reused for packing materials, animal bedding, and compost.

Where Does it Go and How Does it Get There?

Conveyors and air systems are used to remove the product once it’s processed into a bag, container, another machine, or even directly to a recycling compactor outside. One company had their machine installed in the basement of a building, and wanted an air system that connected outside. The resulting system went across the building and up two floors, stretching across a total length of three hundred feet with our inline blowers and clean out ports. was able to be done with great results.

Reducing Noise

Reducing noise levels can be important when purchasing a granulator, which can be incredibly loud, ranging from a minor to major inconvenience. One client wanted their system on a floor with other running machines, and needed their granulating machine to be as quiet as possible. These sound enclosures are specific to every customer, with a variety of doors, sizes, and accessories to make your machine the perfect fit for any location. We also install sound walls on mobile units between the grinder and the employee running it in order to reduce noise and protect the employee from high decibel levels.

Custom Screens

Screens are one of the main factors that determine the particle size, so it’s no surprise that even these need to be customized from time to time. Another company in Canada wished to have the smallest granule output possible for their credit cards, and although a smaller particle is not industry-required, we found the perfect match anyway, customizing an extra-small granulator screen specially for their machine. Screens are vital to the operation of a grinder, and our custom fabrication shop can custom make any screen needed. In addition to customized screens, we offer a large selection of popular sizes.

Reinforced Lining

Reinforced lining is a huge concept that we are proud to use in our machines, and is popular with many of our clients. A glass manufacturing company in Texas reached out to us for a new machine — the manufacturer had grinders from other companies, but heard of our reputation for solving problems during the waste management process. Glass is a very abrasive material and will wear through metal, so we added an abrasive-resistant package to their order, which included a specially-made inner lining that protects the walls of the machine, ensuring that it won’t wear as fast as it would in a normal granulating machine. They are now fitted with a granulating system that gives them service that’s as good as it is long-lasting.

Mobile Machinery

Every company and factory is built differently, and we work with customers to figure out the best way to put which part where, or to work with existing machinery. Some require a standalone granulating system, while others need specially installed machines that hook up with other processing systems they already have on-site. Granutec has even installed machinery in vehicles, creating custom granulating systems that companies can move wherever they please. These mobile plastic grinder are on the rise, as the convenience on top of the quality performance is hard to resist.

Whatever you may want or need, Granutec can find the perfect plastics granulator for you. You can contact us at: (800) 435-8855