Central Granulators

Granutec’s central, low RPM Grinders are ideally suited for extrusion, blow molding, injection molding and recycling. These systems are designed with all that it takes to process the biggest, bulkiest plastic waste such as cold gas tanks, refrigerator door liners, panels, barrels and more.

Standard Features

Our central granulators such as our Models TFG3636 and TFG3648 are designed for high performance and easy on line servicing and maintenance. Standard features include power assisted soundproofed hopper and swing down screen cradle to provide complete access to the cutting chamber knives and lift out screens. Screens are reversible and provide maximum open area (1552 Sq in. for Model TFG3636 1908 Sq. in for Model TFG3648) to achieve maximum throughput rates. Heavy duty construction features welded steel rotor, cutting chamber and screen cradle to withstand wear and shock loads. Rugged pillow block bearings are mounted outboard to eliminate contamination by plastic materials. Screen cradle and hopper is electrically/mechanically interlocked for safety. An emergency stop button is located at operator station for ease of shutdown.

Custom Conversion/Hybrid Design

Our newly developed unique ‚ÄúHybrid‚ÄĚ cutting chamber design can be supplied with an optional,¬† removable third bed knife to provide the ultimate in a broad range of grinding applications.This schematic drawing shows our standard cutting chamber which offers tangential feed to the rotor which ensures continuous feeding at high grinding capacity without flyback or parts bounce.

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