Tangential Feed

Our Tangential Feed Granulators are used for the reduction of many different types of plastics including 5 gallon pails, automotive door panels, window or door frames, blow molded parts, polycarbonate water jugs, and football helmets. Complete with many performance features, our line of Tangential Feed Grinders have total automation which results in high productivity, including:

Designed for reclaiming tough, bulky parts, sprues and runners, light sheet, small diameter pipe, and extruded profile and film, the press side granulators have many high performance and optional features that are sure to give you the best result for your application.

Performance Features and Benefits

Grantec’s tangential feed granulators offer top of the line high performance standards that challenge all other brands of granulators. Some of these features include positive feed and continuous operation design.  The tangential feed cutting chamber and auger entry are engineered for continuous granulation without jamming or wrapping up the runners. Also, included in these standards are fast, easy online servicing and maintenance. Simply open the top-hinged cover and swing down the angled screen cradle for fast, easy cleaning and maintenance without removal from under the press.  Also included are top of the line safety features.  The cutting chamber cover and angled screen cradle are mechanically and electrically interlocked, and emergency buttons are located at the control panel and at the end of auger trough.  All critical areas are painted OSHA orange.

Optional Features

Granutec values custom engineering so we can make sure your get a machine that is custom built to fit all of your needs. We offer many different features including a large auger trough hopper, “V” style, to accept bulk feeding of small scrap parts with automatic feed mechanism.  Also available extended auger trough lengths including 12″, 18″, or 24″ longer. Accessory equipment includes blower mounted evacuation system, adjustable cyclone stands, patented pick-a-part separators with retractable fingers or customized systems for difficult separations, and auger trough metal detector for ferrous, and nonferrous metals.

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