About Us

Founded by Merritt “Pete” Tetreault, Granutec came to life on a kitchen table in Central Massachusetts. With a granulator design on paper, Tetreault assembled the first machines in a local garage, and set up a sales office above a local pharmacy.  Granutec has been serving the plastics industry since 1980. Pete started the firm to address the need for a machine that would operate better, have more safety features, and last longer than other granulators on the market.

Our engineers, designers, and assemblers are confident that our machines will meet your specifications and exacting standards.  As part of our standard operating procedure, we test and inspect all the machine’s systems, and run the machine thoroughly before we ship it to you. Furthermore, we pre-test the machine for each unique material application, to ensure that it is sized correctly for the intended use. We offer this service to our clients, offering a chance to be present for the testing or, alternatively, we will videotape the process and send that with the machine upon request. Our multi-test, pre-shipping protocols are done to assure maximum reliability and profitability in the field. We recognize the need to have the backing of a responsive and knowledgeable service department.

We offer a full guarantee on all parts of the machine, excluding belts and knives. We stand 100% behind our machines, promptly responding to all service inquiries. We take pride in that all of our materials are low maintenance, and made to last longer than the competition.  Should you encounter an issue that you cannot resolve, our engineering team is prepared to advise on any repairs or modifications that may be needed. You never have to worry about the quality of your machine because all of our grinders are Made in America with the best materials.  Our service department is built on a flexible, helpful, and timely philosophy of response and action. We ship all stock parts the same day as they are ordered, and custom parts are available for fabrication or special applications. Service, responsiveness, and attention to detail are all essential components of Granutec’s service policy.


3 Taft Court
Rockville, MD 20850
Tel:  (800) 435-8855
Local: (508) 476-3801
E-mail: [email protected]