Custom Machinery Features:

At Granutec, we understand that each application is unique, and each client has a different need for special features built into their machines. We accommodate your needs by having a wide range of custom features. These include:

  • Stair-Step Type¬†Rotors
  • Five Blade Rotor Type¬†Configuration
    To achieve more cuts per revolution
  • Water Cooled Cutting Chamber and Rotor
    To control temperature
  • Combination Hoppers
    For hand feed, top robot feed, and feed roll attachments for edge trim
  • In-House built Conveyors.
    AMP fed back system to control the conveyor speed to the granulator
  • Granutuff Knives
    For extended knife life
  • Carbide Coating
  • Blower Evacuation Equipment
  • Metal Detectors¬†
    Capable of detecting small pieces of ferrous/non-ferrous metals to prevent regrind contamination


Universal Machinery Features

Every machine Granutec manufactures incorporates several standard features, built-in to assure trouble-free operation and safety. These include:

  • Fast, Easy On-Line Servicing and Maintenance
    A simple hinged feed hopper and screen cradle open quickly for fast, easy cleaning and maintenance without removal from the granulator’s location on the floor.
  • Tangential Feed Cutting Chamber
    Directing the scrap into the rotor’s downstroke, and into the double scissors cutting action of the rotor and the bed knives. The positive feed reduces flyback and eliminates the bouncing of material scrap.
  • Engineered for Quiet Operation
    All standard granulators feature noise reduction and sound dampening material on the hopper.
  • Meets All OSHA Electrical Standards
    Factory wired utilizing magnetic start motors, with 115 volt control circuit, mounted in a NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • Magnetic Starter and 115V Control Circuit¬†
    Hopper and screen cradle are electrically interlocked with a time delay safety mechanism. Emergency stop button at feed station for immediate shut down.
  • Double Scissors Cutting Action
    A high shear mount of counter rotor and bed knives of D-2 high carbon, high chrome tool steel produces a clean, precise cutting action for increased throughput and knife life. Also, this feature assures that a quality granulate is produced, while reducing power consumption.