Thermoforming/Low Profile Granulators

Thermoforming/ Low Profile Granulators are designed for the integrated automation between the thermoformer and the grinder to process skeletal web and sheet with whole thermoformed parts in place, as well as automatic feeding by sprue picker.

Performance Features and Benefits

These grinders are specifically designed to last. Built with high quality materials, the construction features of these granulators include welded steel rotors, cutting chambers, and screen cradles all designed to withstand wear and shock loads, and rugged outboard pillow block bearings eliminate contamination of plastic materials. Also designed for high quality construction are the 3 blade open rotor D2 High carbon/high chrome knives for easy granulation. Other features that come standard with this machine is the unique multipurpose grinder for under the press operation, and push button controls for on-line service and maintenance.

Optional Features

Safety features come standard on this machine including an emergency STOP button located at the operation system for ease of shutdown and critical areas painted OSHA orange. Another great safety feature is the screen cradle and the infeed chute/hopper are electrically interlocked with a time delay safety bolt. Optional Equipment can be added on to the machine as necessary these features include conveyors, a variable speed system to control the speed of the web to the grinder, a zero-speed switch for rotor protection, a central lube system, and an automatic web tensioning device.

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