Beside the Press

Designed for reclaiming tough, bulky parts, sprues and runners, light sheet, small diameter pipe, and extruded profile and film, the press side granulators have many high performance and optional features that are sure to give you the best result for your application.

Performance Features and Benefits

Our Beside the Press Granulators feature many high performance features including a versatile, modular design system for maximum grinding performance, special hoppers, cutting chambers, and bases to give you the best results.   The front feed safety hopper offers a convenient feed height and is available with a tray feed/removable flap design. By offering these features, the flyback is minimized, and operator safety is fully integrated.  The press side granulators also offer a magnetic starter and 115V control circuit.  The hopper and screen cradle are electrically interlocked with a time delay safety bolt, and an emergency stop button is located at the feed station for immediate shut down. The double cutting feature on our press side granulator offers a high sheer mount counter-angled rotor and bed knives of D-2 Hi-Carbon/High Chrome Tool Steel produce a clean, precise cutting action for increased throughput, knife life, and uniform granules, all with less power consumption.

Optional Features

In addition to the standard features listed above, these press side granulators can also be customized with optional features including hardened wear plates, special screen sizes, a water-cooled cutting chamber or a zero speed switch senses loss of rotor RPM and shuts equipment. They can also be customized with metal detectors that are capable of sorting and detecting small pieces of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to prevent regrind material contamination. Also available is accessory equipment which includes a blower evacuation system mounted in machine base, adjustable cyclone stand, and a cyclone reusable after-filter.

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