Auger-Matic Granulators

For the automatic recovery of sprues and runners, nothing comes close to Granutec’s Auger-Matic line of grinders.  The auger-matic machines are ideally suited for injection and blow molding applications.  Designed with fast production and easy maintenance, the line of Auger-Matic granulators offers many customization features to ensure your satisfaction.

Performance Features and Benefits

The auger-matic’s fit perfectly under molding machines, sitting compact and out of the way.  Another great feature of these machines is the quick, effortless maintenance.  Simply open the top-hinged cover, and swing down the angled screen cradle for fast, easy cleaning and maintenance without removing it from the press.  A continuous, operation design comes standard on all auger-matic machines. They are specifically engineered to operate with continual granulation without jamming or wrapping up the runners.  To ensure your machine operates at 100% all the time, Granutec has customized all auger-matic’s with double scissor cutting action.   A high shear mount counter-angled rotor and bed knives of D-2 hi carbon/hi-chrome tool steel produce a clean, precise slicing action for increased throughput, extended knife life and uniform granules all with less power consumption. With your safety in mind, Granutec features OSHA safety standards and general safety features on these machines.  A cutting chamber cover and angled screen cradle are mechanically/electrically interlocked, and emergency buttons at the control panel at the end of the auger trough are strategically placed for your safety.  OSDA safety and electrical standards are also met on this machine with critical areas painted OSHA orange, and factory wired, magnetic motor starters with 120 volt control circuit mounted in a NEMA 112 enclosure.

Optional Features

Along with these machine standards come optional features. At Granutec, we can incorporate many features into your auger-matic. Some of our most popular optional features include a large auger trough hopper, “V” style, to accept bulk feeding of small scrap parts with automatic feed mechanism.  Also available are adjustable height legs to accommodate a variety of injection presses.  A water cooled cutting chamber can be installed to keep your materials at a comfortable temperature.  Granulator rise blocks are available to heighten your machine 3″, 4″, 8″, or 10″.  Also, customized auger trough hoppers or chutes are available for hand or robot feeding.  Whatever your needs, Granutec can build a custom machine just for you!

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